Selfdefence coaching

Selfdefence coaching is a huge concept. You can put everything under the cup of selfdefence. For me, selfdefence is daring to stand up for yourself, to regain your strength and to release (old) emotions, let them go and transform them. This with the help of boxing.

I have done years of kickboxing myself on quite a high level and quite a number of fights in my name. During that time I was also teaching kickboxing classes regularly. Also often to the children's groups. What I noticed among the children, and especially the children who did not have it easy in their lives, was that kickboxing changed them. After a few lessons the heads went up instead of down, they laughed and had fun, they dared to say things to the others .. The kids started to show who they were and became more certain of themselves. I regularly heard from the parents that things went better on all fronts. Likewise with training partners that I knew were going through difficulties. Because of the real becoming and being resilient, there is a certain certainty and self-confidence in many people. In addition, the acceptance of each other for who you are comes through respect and discipline in sport. Everyone is equal, and everyone helps each other in their growth, regardless of age, gender, weight and level.

During selfdefence coaching, we first look at the nature of the problem based on the complaints / the problem. Once we have found the core, we will look at what is needed. Maybe there are all kinds of unprocessed emotions / old unprocessed parts, perhaps it is necessary to be able to defend yourself more literally, or perhaps something will only come loose if you are physically tired first. It can also provide more grounding / grounding / integration because you are so physically busy.


            *This coaching is also possible with a small dose of Ayahuasca, so you can open up your energy more                    easily into your deeper layers.

The costs for these coaching sessions are

Selfdefence coaching (+/- 1 1/2 hours)                                        € 60, -

       in combination with microdosis Ayahuasca (+/- 2 hours)    € 80, -


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