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Some years ago someone came on my path that totally changed my life with a comment. This person told me that I was a crystal / indigo child. I had never really heard of it so I started reading about it. I always knew there was more than the eye can see, but I was never so involved. The things I read caused my world to fade away under my feet, but at the same time everything came together. I read so many things I recognised! That meant that I did not feel comfortable for a while. Because, what was actually my life, a rollercoaster was set in motion, I did not understand it all. During that time I trained a lot in kickboxing and also competed. I wanted to go home one morning after sparring training. The father of one of my teammates sat at the bar and when I walked past him he said, "girl, you are on the right track". That touched me so much that I burst into tears. No one seemed to be aware of what was happening. He said, "you know, we'll agree to have a chat if you want". So said, done that way. We agreed and had whole conversations. At one point he began to tell about Ayahuasca. Aya-what ?, I thought .. He turned out to be a guide at Ayahuasca ceremonies. I was a bit suspicious of the stuff that I actually thought, "that can never be good", but apparently was life-changing. By hearing more about it I became curious about such a journey. In the end I made the decision to do a ceremony, but I only wanted to do it if he guided the ceremony. That felt somewhat safe.

That journey was the beginning of many journeys, and a kind of spiritual growth spurt, after which I was told by Ayahuasca at one point, "okay now your time has come to work with me". I let that work on me to feel if I really wanted to and eventually I started working as a guide at an Ayahuasca center. There I learned a lot and I was asked if I wanted to give individual ceremonies. I started doing that and it gave me so much satisfaction to see people grow and make jumps! Meanwhile I wanted to develop in more areas and I came into contact with resonance. I saw an introductory day pass by and I decided to experience it once. What a glory to hear and feel the vibrations of tuning forks and singing bowls! The feeling of being "vibrated" by the sounds, wow! I was sold and signed up for the first module, self-prevention. After working on myself for a while with the tuning forks, I signed up for the next module. Treating someone else with the tuning forks. And with the singing bowl. Finally my first singing bowl! More workshops followed, including Medicine Voice and Three-dimensional massage. I love to treat people with this, and also to hear their reactions back, the space it gives them and how they flow in their energy again. The combination of Ayahuasca and resonance goes very well together I experience.

After that one comment a few years ago, my life has never been the same and I am grateful for it every day. It has led me to the path that I can now walk. For me it feels like a privilege that I can do this work and thus contribute to individual healing and development of the beautiful souls who come my way, but also to the collective piece. The dream of a (even) more beautiful world in which we will all be back at our core of who we really are. And from that heart consciousness living together in unity, love, compassion and innocence

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